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miércoles, septiembre 06, 2006

Posted by Patricia Minalla | | Email post

Remenber Me (?)

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May I point your attention to Obadiah Shoher's book, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict?
Yahoo and Google banned the book's website from their ad programs for "unacceptable content," and Amazon deleted all reviews. The book, however, is only honest, and the measures suggested are only rational.
Shoher is a pen name for veteran politician. He dealt with antiterrorism issues for most of his career. The Samson Blinded dissects honestly the problems accumulated since the Jews returned to Palestine. Advocating political rationalism, it deplores both Jewish and Muslim myths, and argues for efficiency and separating politics from moralism.
Please download a copy from
Being banned from Google, we depend on links to bring Shoher's message. May I ask you to link to us from your site?

Thank you,


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